By Tego Wolasa

As I mark my 10 years in the field, I wish to bring you the 10 P’s of marketing consultancy services in case you have one, work with one, or wish to start one.

The 10 P’s are product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, process, packaging, positioning, people, and personalization.

Of the 10Ps, let me narrow down on Positioning today. Most of us spend a lot of energy on Prospecting instead of Positioning.

In layman’s language, prospecting is an example of a man looking for a fish in the ocean with a spear, running after fish one at a time.

Positioning is setting your nets strategically and letting school of fish walk into your net independently.

Again, there are four P’s to help you position your skills, expertise, and services.

  1. Publishing – Consultants and experts who write well and publish often on their expertise areas get trusted easily and tend to attract clients.
  2. Public Speaking – Good public Speaking is another magnet that helps drive clients to you effortlessly. Speak about your area of expertise with passion and power.
  3. Publicity – Publicity is the bloodstream of a consultant. Get into the news instead of advertising. Being in the news is a free advert, trusted more than adverts. Clients will know about you and seek your services.
  4. Passion – Do I need to explain this? If you have no passion for the field, don’t even consider being a consultant. You won’t enjoy the work, and clients will feel resentment in the long term.
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