By Khadija Hassan

Buruuj Training Institute has launched an online Amharic Language course.

The Institute’s board chairman, Mr. Wolasa, told the students that the online course had been designed to have six levels.

Each level is designed to take a period of six months. For ease of learning, the six months are divided into two trimesters, each three months long.

BTI already offers Arabic and Burji languages. Amharic will be taught three days a week like the first two languages.

The Institute also offers online Qur’an studies and academic writing courses.

The Institute expects to launch Swahili, English, French Language, and CPA within the first quarter of 2022.

Other courses which have been lined up include Islamic Banking, Islamic Studies,

The launch was attended by dozens of new and continuing students and staff members.

The Institute’s head office and physical campus are located in the Nairobi metropolis town of Ongata Rongai.

The physical campus houses KNEC Diploma and Certificate courses.

Among them are IT, Business Management, Banking and finance, Cooperative Management, Human Resource Management, Social Science, and Sales and Marketing.

Also on offer are Islamic Baking (TVET), Computerized Secretarial, Computerized accounting, typing and formatting, Graphic Design, and Web design.

The Institute also offers customized corporate short courses.


Amharic is the 2000 years old official and working language of Ethiopia. It is the second most spoken Semitic language in the world after Arabic.

Like other Semitic languages of Ethiopia, Amharic uses a script that originated from the Ge’ez alphabet.

It has 33 basic characters, and unlike the North Semitic languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Syrian, the language is written from left to right.

Amharic came to be lingua franca or widely spoken in Ethiopia from the 9th century and became the instrument of the state language since the 14th century.

Ethiopia’s population is today estimated to be 119million.

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