Buruuj Training Institute (BTI) is a well-established Training Institute with a corporate history that goes back 14 years. BTI delivers Training solutions that meet specific and dynamic training needs. Our entire focus is geared toward helping our clients derive value from their investment to become more successful in their core activities. This applies to small businesses, major corporations, and entire Governments.

Our clients can either choose our current course or give us specifications for tailor-making courses that suit their needs.

Existing BTI Corporate Solutions & Short Courses

  1. Events Management
  2. Grant writing
  3. Fundraising for Non profits
  4. Creating Profitable Online Business
  5. Corporate governance in Islamic Institutions
  6. Shariah review and audit
  7. Sales and Marketing of Islamic Finance Products

Tailor-made short courses

Steps in developing the tailor-made short courses

1. Define the Scope

We help you to identify those within the organization in need of professional development, from executives to project team members

2. Create a Plan

We collaborate with you to develop a customized training approach aligned to your organization’s priorities and requirements

3. Determine Training & Delivery

We assist you in determining course selection and level of customization and establish a schedule for when, where, and how the training will be rolled out

4. Deliver Private Program

We deploy our exceptional instructor team to deliver your program and ensure knowledge comprehension through hands-on learning and active engagement

5. Measure Success

Upon completion of your program, we meet to evaluate the success of the training and address any additional needs, including consulting or staffing to reinforce the adoption of newly-learned concepts

6. The flexibility of Our Training Modes

BTI’s corporate training department offers very flexible training modes for our customers. We conduct training in our corporate training rooms and conduct in-house training on our customer’s premises.

7. Corporate Exclusive Training:

Corporate Exclusive courses are usually more cost-effective for training a group of employees belonging to the same organization despite the venue where the training occurs.

The beauty of corporate Exclusive Training is that courseware is tailored to focus on the areas of study that are most important to your organization. BTI’s Training consultants will work with you to create a training program that addresses your company’s objectives and can tailor courses to communicate your company standards and practices throughout the training sessions.

8. Workshops

These are open workshops held at Training House facilities or Hotel conference facilities. The courses are set, standard courses where people from various companies attend to achieve a high level of corporate training in the courses we provide. The Workshops need to be booked in advance to ensure space is available.

9. Offsite Training

The Institute conducts training at the client’s premises in two methods;

  1. i) Using the client’s machines – the Institute provides the trainer.
  2. ii) Using the Institute’s laptops/computers- the Institute provides the trainer and machines (at an extra cost)

The Institute is capable of making arrangements to train client organizations anywhere in the world.

10. Private training (one on one training)

This training is done in the Institute’s private training room with up to a maximum of 2 participants. The training is ideal for senior management or individuals with very tight work schedules who can adjust their timings to suit their availability. It can be done either at the Institute or at the client’s premises.

11. Scheduled Training – Coming Soon

We have a full public schedule of accredited Best Practice training courses. These are training open to the public and takes place in our premises. These courses are scheduled throughout the year, and participants book themselves into pre-set times.

Past Corporate Clients


    The history of the Buruuj Training Institute (BTI) dates back to July 2006, when its predecessor, the TJ Computer College, commenced training in Sotik Town, Bomet County. In 2008, TJ computer college relocated to Nairobi.


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