Islamic Finance Department

At Buruuj Training Institute (BTI), we understand the drivers and trends in Islamic Finance. We have been offering specialized services including, but not limited to, advisory, training, audit, Shariah compliance, and product development. 

Our experience makes us believe that we can solve financial problems by providing alternatives to interest-based banking. Our Islamic Finance courses will equip learners with practical knowledge competency-based knowledge to identify economic issues and create shariah-compliant solutions.

Unlike traditional institutes typically run by academics, Buruuj Training Institute (BTI) is run by industry experts and scholars who, to this day, conduct advisory and training assignments in the industry.

Under our Islamic Finance department, we offer the following programes;

  1. Introduction to Islamic Finance
  2. Introduction to Islamic Sacco
  3. Introduction to Takaful
  4. Introduction to Shariah Governance and Audit
  5. Development of Islamic Banking Products
  6. Sales and Marketing of Islamic Finance Products
  7. Reporting for Islamic Financial Institution
  8. Islamic Banking Specialist
  9. Takaful Specialist
  10. Islamic Sacco Specialist
  11. Islamic wealth Planning and Management Specialist
  12. Sukuk Specialist


The history of the Buruuj Training Institute (BTI) dates back to July 2006, when its predecessor, the TJ Computer College, commenced training in Sotik Town, Bomet County. In 2008, TJ computer college relocated to Nairobi.


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